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I love your stuff. It smells nice. Nothing artificial smelling and of course the ingredients are natural. I am careful now because I am pregnant and looking for things without parabens. I had to put away 50% of my cosmetics for later but the MelanSol stays on my shelf.

Kim Breitbach, Lahaina, Hawaii


Since moving to SW Florida from Maryland 7 years ago, my face has had multiple problems. One was seborrheic dermatitis in patches on my face which really itched. Another was fine lines around my mouth and eyes. Another was dryness from using daily sunblock. A friend introduced me to MelanSol Moisturizer and Natural Sunscreen. I have been using the sunscreen and the Moisturizer for 6 months now. My face is far less dry and I have had no adverse effects from accumlative use. I am grateful for a non-chemical product for twice a day use.

Mary Kerich, Bethesda, Maryland


Recently I took my family on vacation to a warmer climate. I had purchased a name brand "quality"sunblock for my daughter. The next day she had a terrible rash (which I believed to be a really bad burn) on one side of her face. I didn't realize that the sunblock was causing the problem so I applied even more the next day to "protect her". After a second application it became apparent... it was a reaction to the chemical sunblock. I had used the same brand on her last summer without any noticeable problems. In search for another sunblock I stumbled upon the product "EnergyTan". I wasn't sure whether or not to buy was all natural...? ... I purchased MelanSol. I applied it cautiously hoping this would not make my daughters skin worse. Well, it did work. Her face cleared within 2 days and it protected her from the sun for the rest of our vacation.
We are now back home and I am writing to say "Thank you". MelanSol is an outstanding product. I do not hesitate to recommend it to everyone buying suntan lotions.

Michele Freitas, Ontario, Canada


I bought MelanSol after having many problems with sun tan lotions breaking my face out with small bumps and just making my skin look horrible especially after multiple days of use on vacation. This is the best stuff even in the hot tropical sun of the Carribean. Zinc Oxide is a highly effective sunblock and all the other natural ingredients in this product make it just great rather than putting chemicals on your skin. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I even told an aesthetician friend about it so she can recommend it to her clients.

Deborah Rosenwald, Newburgh, New York


Seit 1985 verbrachten wir jährlich einige Wintermonate in unserem geliebten Florida. Trotzdem blieb ein Wermutstropfen mein ständiger Begleiter: Ich bin eine sehr hellhäutige Frau, die sich nie an der prallen Sonne aufhalten konnte, da meine Haut sehr schnell mit einer Sonnenallergie reagierte, die schmerzlich und unansehnlich war. Ich habe mir überall Ratschläge geholt, beim Hautarzt, beim Apotheker, bei der Kosmetikerin und bei Freunden. Ueberall bekam ich dieselbe Nachricht: Du musst eine Sonnencrème mit einem hohen Lichtschutzfaktor nehemen. Ich habe alle Markenprodukte getestet und meine Haut reagierte auf diese Salben IRRITIERT, mein Gesicht war stark gerötet und voll mit roten Pusteln, was mir jedesmal einen Hausarrest von
1 - 2 Tagen brachte. Während meines letzten Winteraufenthaltes in Florida schenkte mir eine Freundin eine Flasche MelanSol Sonnencrème SPF-18. Ich war sehr skeptisch, wurde ich doch in der Vergangenheit immer wieder enttäuscht. Meine Skepsis wurde durch Freude abgelöst, als ich auch Stunden nach dem Auftragen der Crème keine Reaktion hatte, weder Rötungen, noch Spannungen noch Jucken etc. Ich war so happy und dankbar, endlich ein Sonnenschutzmittel gefunden zu haben und die Ferien 100%ig geniessen zu können.

Hilde Haas, Lugano, Switzerland


I have very fair skin & after years of living in the tropics, I have a lot of skin damage. I wish they had this sunscreen 20 years ago. I have been using this product for 6 months & it has done wonders for my skin. It is repairing a lot of the damaged areas. Also, the moisturizer is the best ever for very dry skin. Thank you for improving my aging skin.

Dolores Faulkner, USA

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